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2004 Events Archive

January 20, 2004 GAIM USA 2004 Miami

January 22, 2004 PRMIA Meeting New York

January 26, 2004 PRMIA Event: Mortgage and Interest Rate Risk in partnership with IAFE New York

February 3, 2004 Pricing and Hedging in Incomplete Markets with Basis Risk New York

February 5, 2004 Financial Engineer of the Year Award Gala Dinner New York

February 6, 2004 IAFE Investor Risk Committee Forum on Valuation New York

February 8, 2004 Third Annual Blue Ribbon Hedge Fund Symposium Scottsdale

February 10, 2004 Hedge Fund Administration and Prime Brokerage Dublin

February 23, 2004 5th Annual Risk Management Convention & Exhibition New York

March 2, 2004 Recent Development on Pricing Discrete Barrier and Lookback Options New York

March 24, 2004 How I Became A Quant New York City

March 25, 2004 How to Make Your Out-of-Sample Prediction More Robust in the Presence of Earnings Management New York City

March 29, 2004 hedge.funds WORLD 2004 New York

April 13, 2004 Convertible Portfolio Management New York

April 21, 2004 Computational Finance & Its Applications Bologna

April 23, 2004 14th Annual Derivatives Securities & Risk Management Conference New York

April 29, 2004 Is There a Level Playing Field in Operational Risk? Banks vs Non-Banks in the Operational Risk Space New York

May 4, 2004 Fast Portfolio Computations on a .NET Cluster New York

May 5, 2004 IAFE Event In Partnership with PRMIA: Exchange Traded Funds New York City

May 13, 2004 Post FAS 133: Where We Stand in the Move to Fair Value Accounting (A Panel Discussion Not Just For Accountants!) New York

May 25, 2004 The 10th Annual Global Derivatives & Risk Management Forum 2004 Madrid

June 3, 2004 IAFE Annual Conference: Challenges for the Asset Mangement Business New York City

September 20, 2004 Alternative Investments Geneva

September 30, 2004 Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities: A New Frontier For Risk Management Technology New York

October 8, 2004 The 2004 National Financial Mathematics Career Fair New York

October 27, 2004 ´How I Became a Quant´: A Panel Geared For Students Boston

October 28, 2004 Exciting Prospects for Hedge Funds in 2005 New York

November 1, 2004 Quant Congress USA 2004 New York

November 4, 2004 Reference Data Management: Is Data Management a Critical Issue for Risk Managers? New York

November 17, 2004 Operational Risk for the Buy-side London

November 18, 2004 Are Equity Markets Complete and Sufficient to Predict Default Probabilities? New York

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