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2008 Events Archive

February 7, 2008 IAFE/SunGard Award Gala

February 11, 2008 Rogue Traders: Those Who Don't Learn From History are Forced to Repeat It

February 27, 2008 Robust Risk Management Tools: Insights From Interest Rates

February 28, 2008 How I Became a Quant: London

March 4, 2008 Derivatives Post-Trade Processing: Is Sisyphus Managing the Back-Office?

March 12, 2008 How I Became A Quant: Chicago

March 13, 2008 How I Became A Quant: Berkeley

March 24, 2008 Credit Derivative Strategies: New Thinking on Managing Risk and Return- A Book Panel

March 27, 2008 How I Became a Quant: New York

April 14, 2008 The Boundaries Between Credit Risk and Operational Risk: Are They Real? London

May 7, 2008 The Need for Second Generation Models for Structured Credit Products

May 12, 2008 America's Next Top Pricing Model-Valuations in Distress

May 19-23, 2008 IAFE Endorsed Event: Global Derivatives Trading and Risk Management 2008 Paris

June 25, 2008 IAFE Annual Conference 2008: Investing Through Volatile Markets

June 26-28, 2008 IAFE Endorsed Event: Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management

June 30-July 4, 2008 IAFE Endorsed Event: RiskCapital 2008 Paris

July 8-10, 2008 IAFE Endorsed Event: Quant Congress USA

July 10, 2008 IAFE Members-Only Tutorial: Q&A on Risk Management

September 18, 2008 IAFE Members-Only Tutorial: Why Do Things Keep Blowing Up?

September 19, 2008 How I Became a Quant: Ann Arbor

October 3, 2008 IAFE Endorsed Event: Algorithmic Trading

October 6, 2008 How I Became a Quant: Berkeley

October 7, 2008 How I Became a Quant: Los Angeles

October 21, 2008 Hedging Illiquid Assets

October 23, 2008 IAFE Endorsed Event: The Future of Credit Markets London

October 30, 2008 How I Became a Quant: Boston

November 6, 2008 IAFE Endorsed Event: Credit Crisis: Actions Taken and Lessons Learned

November 10, 2008 Lessons from the Subprime Market: Implosion and Its Consequences

November 11, 2008 How I Became a Quant: Toronto

November 12, 2008 Risk Management Over Troubled Waters

November 18, 2008 IAFE Members-Only Tutorial: Transparency, Valuation, and Liquidity

December 5, 2008 IAFE Endorsed Event: The 15th Annual Workshop on Derivative Securities & Risk Management

December 11, 2008 The Great Disconnect: The State of Risk Management and Financial Engineering in Light of the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis

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