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2011 Events Archive

January 25, 2011: IAFE Members Only Event: Counterparty Credit Risk Workshop

February 7-8, 2011: IAFE Endorsed Event: 6th Annual Quantitative Asset & Risk Management Workshop

Milan, Italy

February 10, 2011: IAFE/SunGard 2010 Financial Engineer of the Year Award Gala Dinner

March 2, 2011: 'How I Became a Quant' Los Angeles: A Panel Geared for Students

March 16, 2011: IAFE ORC Event: Financial Regulation - Implications for the Asset Management Industry

April 11-15, 2011: IAFE Endorsed Event: Global Derivatives Trading & Risk Management 2011

Paris, France

April 14, 2011: IAFE Endorsed Event: Cass-Capco Institute Risk Conference

London, England

April 25, 2011: 'How I Became a Quant' Chicago: A Panel Geared for Students


May 16-17, 2011: 2011 IAFE Annual Conference

New York


June 7, 2011: IAFE Technology Committee Event: Special Issues in High Frequency Trading

New York

June 16, 2011:IAFE Endorsed Event: Inaugural Annual Conference of the NYU-Poly-Capco Institute Paper Series in Applied Finance

New York

July 28-31, 2011: IAFE Endorsed Event: Modeling High Frequency Data in Finance 3
New York

September 26, 2011: IAFE Event: The Financial Crisis Around the World

New York


October 5, 2011: 'How I Became a Quant' Berkeley: A Panel Geared for Students


October 13, 2011: IAFE London Event: An Insider's View on the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis


October 20, 2011: International Forum on Financial Risk


October 21, 2011: High Frequency Trading and Market Microstructure

October 26, 2011: The Investment Value of Mutual Fund Portfolio Disclosure


November 4, 2011: Good Derivatives Richard Sandor

University of Illinois

November 4, 2011: Conference on Mathematical Finance and Partial Differential

New Brunswick

November 7 - 9 2011: Quant Congress Europe


November 10, 2011: SQA Half Day Conference: Quantitative Global Macro: Generating Alpha in Challenging Markets

New York

November 15 - 16, 2011: Global Derivatives Trading & Risk Management 2011 USA


December 12, 2011: Operational Risk Free Event: Opportunities and Challenges in Hedge Fund Investing

New York


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